Our coffee


                            Coffea Diversa Garden is located in the Biolley District, Puntarenas Province, in the southern most region of Costa Rica, very close to the border with Panama. A plot with unbeatable conditions has been set aside on the Coffea diversa plantation to produce premium quality coffee. This plot has been given the name Bellaterra, and its coffee is solely and exclusively produced for the Ingredients:cafè chain.  Varieties available in Ingredients:cafè Geisha: An extremely old and rare wild coffee varietal from Ethiopia. It has a delicate flavour with serene and complex aromas , mild acidity, medium body and a silky texture. It displays a predominately chocolaty flavour which saturates the palate leaving a long lingering taste. Villa Sarchi: A genetic variation of the legendary Borbón varietal. It was first discovered in the Central meseta of Costa Rica. It has a smoothly penetrating aroma and cup with aromatic hints of mandarin, walnut and moist pipe tobacco. Rich and balanced acidity, medium to strong bodied with a slightly syrupy taste that persists on the palate even after the coffee has been drunk.